Latest update Covid-19


Dear customer,

This extraordinary, ongoing situation is needed to implement many changes in our lives - from daily routines to personal relationships to business operations. We wish you and those closest to you to be healthy and vibrant.

The current situation also requires that the time of fulfilling incoming orders increase given the large volume of orders is now being transferred to fewer Print Providers. Orders through Tobistar can be delayed 7-14 working days.
If you make an order, we think you agree with this policy

  1. You have 1x24 hours to cancel the order
  2. We are not responsible if your order is not on time. we will only help as much as we can
  3. We do not accept returns or refunds for reasons on this effect

We appreciate your patience and we try to resolve this situation. We are currently working to increase production capacity to reduce delays in fulfilling orders.

Finally, you may notice a slightly longer response time after reaching our support. Due to the increasing number of requests regarding customer orders given the surrounding uncertainty, we currently have a larger than usual stack of support requests.

However, rest assured - our support team works nervously to answer any questions you might have and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Stay at home. Stay safe.

All the best,


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